Key Features of PADRAP

The web-based application allows trained veterinarians to submit completed assessments for swine sites and immediately view risk benchmarking reports (for example, Risk Quadrant Report shown below). Veterinarians can also create and send links to reports to clients or production personnel for viewing or printing. Additional features include the ability to print surveys so that assessments may be completed off-line. A time saving feature allows veterinarians to complete multiple assessments simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful when assessing multiple sites within the same production system where the answers to many of the questions may be the same for all breeding herd or growing pigs sites. Another time saving feature allows previously completed assessments to be duplicated and used as the basis for newly completed assessments. This feature is particularly useful when surveys are repeated over time for the same swine site or when surveys are being completed for multiple swine sites that share many of the same operational links, such as transportation of live animals.

Risk Quadrant Report

Average Internal and External Risk Index Scores for an individual site (Demo Farm 3) versus all sites in the database (represented by the blue dots).

Risk Quadrant Example